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The Process

Strategic Planning
Our service goes beyond carrier negotiations. Working closely with our clients, we determine how our technology and access to information can provide added value, which in turn can create savings in staff time and energy. This is in addition to the transportation savings our clients experience.

This value added service is possible because of the accounting, purchasing and distribution background of the logistic professionals at CTS. We work closely with our clients to find out how they operate and where they need to improve.

The better we understand our client's needs, the better we can develop systems that will satisfy those needs and increase transportation efficiencies.

Carrier Selection

CTS selects carriers for our clients based upon their needs. Some of the steps involved with carrier selections are as follows:

  1. Collect Data. This is gathered from our freight bill audit.

  2. Lane Analysis. We determine where your primary shipping lanes are.

  3. Select Carriers. All carriers are pre-qualified to service each client based upon specific client needs.

  4. Negotiate with Carriers. We prepare the requests for pricing and determine the rate levels.

  5. Signed Requests for Pricing. After completion of negotiations, all RFP's are converted to contract addendums.

  6. Prepare Software. Data specific to each carrier is inserted into CTS' exclusive software to assist each customer in making the best carrier choice.

CTS does business with the best carriers in all modes of transportation including: truckload, less than truckload, air, ground, expedited, domestic and international. All carriers offer excellent pricing programs as well as top quality service.

Freight Audit and Payment Services
We compile a tariff and contract library for your account. By examining all of our client's freight bills before paying them, we discover overcharges and duplicate billings. Overcharges are corrected and duplicates are electronically rejected by the system. Our proactive auditing process will ensure errors are eliminated before they reach our clients.

A Skilled Analyst Checks For:
 ▪ Appropriate class and rate
 ▪ Applicable discount
 ▪ Extensions
 ▪ Unauthorized accessorial charges
 ▪ Commodity codes and applicable freight classifications

We continue to work with our clients and carriers to reduce problems and minimize future errors.

Our management perspective in regards to auditing is to eliminate errors, not to continue adjusting recurring ones.

Freight Payment Services: Efficient Cash Management

Our clients save on accounting, bookkeeping and clerical costs while optimizing their cash flow with one weekly payment. All payments are supported with accounting documents.

Financial Management Summary
 ▪ Pre-audit and payment of freight bills.
 ▪ Assistance in processing carrier claims.
* Specialized management reports and summaries daily, weekly or monthly.
 ▪ Annual summaries and cost analysis.
 ▪ Routing compliance control.
 ▪ Duplicate payment elimination.
 ▪ Funds transferred only at time of payment.

Management Reports

CTS Management Reports capture your shipping patterns and identify potential future savings. CTS will customize our weekly and monthly reports to fit our client's needs. Our timely and accurate Management Reports will help you manage your transportation in the most efficient way possible. They also assist our clients in recovering lost transportation dollars for their organization..

Here is just a sample of the Management Reports that we offer. Please click on the report name to see a sample:
Weekly Invoice Summary
Summarizes all your activity into one easy to read invoice.
Freight Bill Register
A detailed listing of all activity for any given period of time.

Cost Allocation Summary
A summary of dollars spent by General Ledger Code.
Cost Allocation Detail
A detailed listing of activity grouped and sub-totaled by GeneralLedger Code.
Freight Payment Savings
Shows a detail of all errors caught during our full pre-audit service.
Opportunity Report
Perhaps our most valuable report for identifying opportunities to further reduce costs.

Here is a list of more reports that are also available:

Year-to-Date Summary
This supplies all year-to-date data for a variety of categories.

Carrier Expenditures
A summary of dollars spent by carrier broken down by month.

Management Overall Summary
A one-page summary of totals and averages of a variety of categories.

Location Management Report by Origin
A summary of all shipments by origin.

Location Management Report by Destination
A summary of all shipments by destination.

This is just a sample of some of our Management Reports. We are capable of customizing reports to fit any need you may have. Please contact a CTS Representative for more information.

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